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We are Point Cook's best landscapers for over 15 years.

As a locally-owned business operating for more than 15 years, Point Cook Landscaping has built a reputation as Point Cook’s number one provider of high-quality and professional landscaping solutions that makes our client’s lives better at the end of the day. Our team is composed of trained, highly skilled, and certified tilers, workmen, installers, and designers who have spent years and years mastering their craft and continually learning new things so they can deliver exceptional service. They possess all the necessary licenses and certifications so you can trust that they create landscaping structures and install tiles and pavers with precision, skill, and mastery. Our team specializes in visually appealing, long-lasting, and cost-effective landscaping structures and garden essentials, including:

Our team upholds a very high standard of quality in everything that we do. That is why for every project, we exclusively use premium and vetted materials and products only from the best brands around the world to make sure that they pass all the necessary standards. We also have state-of-the-art equipment that helps us improve the overall quality of our work. So, if you are looking for competent landscaping experts who strive to not only meet your expectations but exceed them, call us today at (03) 9000 0447 to talk to one of our experts and discuss how we can help you make your dream back yard garden a reality!

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Tailored Landscaping Solutions For All Your Needs

Our goal here at Point Cook Landscaping is to make high-quality, standard-compliant, and professional landscaping services accessible to everybody. That is why we have designed our service offering to be as extensive as possible to help you create a visually appealing and durable backyard at a competitive rate. Check out our specialisations below!

Outdoor Tiling

Having a tile installed in the outdoors, whether it is pavement, a driveway, or a facade wall, can immediately change the overall look of your outdoor area.

Retaining Walls

On top of the primary purpose of retaining walls as a technique to prevent soil erosions, they can also be utilized in creative and practical ways which adds more beauty to your garden.


Paving your garden can add an element of contrast to the green and browns in your backyard. There are a lot of materials to choose from as well as different styles and paving techniques to explore!

Patios & Pergolas

If you are looking for more ways to utilize your backyard as a cozy extension to your living area in the outdoors, installation contemporary and class patios and pergolas are perfect for you!


Decking is another great way to add more living space in your new backyard where you can relax, read a book, and even entertain guests!

Turf Laying

Add more life to your backyard by laying a healthy green new turf. They will immediately give you a feeling of being closer to nature and you can also use the extra oxygen they produce!


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Professional Workmanship

Our Point Cook based landscapers are committed to producing professional and high-quality landscaping solutions. We uphold a very high standard of workmanship and quality that we give ample attention even to the smallest detail to deliver visually appealing, long-lasting, and affordable landscape design services to everyone.

Competitive Pricing Model

We at Point Cook Landscaping developed our pricing model so that more people can afford to use us for landscaping solutions. At the very core of our services is making sure that we work within your budget limits while still ensuring quality in all aspects of service delivery.

Client-First Policy

At the end of the day, we design, build and install landscape structures in order to meet the satisfaction of our clients. Thus, in everything that we do, we make sure that you are involved in the process. We design our structures based on your preferences and customize features based on your needs. Here at Point Cook Landscaping, you are our priority!

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Landscaping Services Specifically Designed For You

If you’re looking for a turn-key solution to your garden and landscape requirements, we’ve got the perfect blend of quality, cost-effectiveness & long-lasting solutions in Point Cook.


Have you been wanting to spruce up your outdoor area but unsure of how? We have a wide selection of tiles that can turn any outside space into something amazing.

Have you been wanting to spruce up your outdoor area but unsure of how? We have a wide selection of tiles that can turn any outside space into something amazing.

Tiling your outdoors is a beautiful and easy way to make it stand out from the rest. May it is for a path walk, a patio, a driveway, or your facade wall, tiles have the ability to decorate your property in an affordable and aesthetically pleasing way. What is important is that the tiles are installed properly by professional tilers so they undergo the right preparatory process to prevent them from cracking or having unwanted weeds creep upon them.


Customer Satisfaction is our No. 1 Priority

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. That’s why we’re honest and reliable with every service, and provide quality workmanship to ensure your best interest at all times. We will always keep you updated through the entire process from start to finish so that nothing gets left out!

For value-conscious homeowners, our landscaping services are at a price you can’t refuse. Imagine how much time and money we’ll save on your behalf when all the necessary work for your new home or renovation project goes through one company! For residents in Point Cook and its surrounding areas, it’s hard to find an affordable option that provides quality lawn mowing services like ours. 

We aim to provide our service as efficiently as possible, minimizing disruption to you and your family with a variety of services that are tailored specifically for the needs of each individual customer!

Our skilled team of landscape designers and installers will work with you to create custom outdoor areas that meet your needs, lifestyle and budget.

Why settle for average? Your yard landscaped is the perfect place to live life outside! Let us help turn it into an oasis where memories are made in any season.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Landscape design
  • Landscape construction 
  • Colorbond fencing
  • Instant turf
  • Artificial turf 
  • Decking and pergolas
  • Retaining walls
  • Garden beds
  • Driveways and concreting 


We guarantee to exceed your expectations. Tell us about what you have in mind and we will provide a quote for the cost of labour, materials, delivery time frames, etc.

Landscaping Point Cook is a well-known company in the region for providing contractors of lawns, gardens and other outdoor spaces with high quality workmanship. They focus on customer satisfaction by conducting their business smoothly and efficiently so you get exactly what you need at an affordable cost. If your interested please browse through our pages or contact us to see how we can help make all your landscaping dreams come true!


Own the best retaining walls in Point Cook

Retaining walls are primarily built for the purpose of containing the soil and preventing soil erosion. However, there are different clever ways that you can utilize them if they are done properly. Point Cook Landscaping specialises in different retaining walls systems made of different materials. We can build a retaining wall out of concrete, timber, limestone, and natural stones!

Call us today and talk to one of our experts so that they can explore with you all the different options you can choose from!


Increase the value of your home with a unique and functional patio and pergola in Point Cook

If you are looking to enjoy a better outdoor experience than you ever have before, you might want to consider having a patio and a pergola installed in your home. They are sturdy outdoor structures that can extend your living area to the outdoors, giving you more space where you can relax, have fun, and entertain your guests.

Point Cook Landscaping is one of the most trusted installers of high-quality and professional pergolas in the area. We owe our reputation to the people behind our team who have spent their lives developing their skills and learning new and innovative techniques to serve you better.


Areas We Serve across Point Cook VIC

Point Cook Landscaping can provide Point Cook and surrounding suburbs with a wide range of landscaping solutions. If you live within the area, we’d love to help! For those outside our service zone, call us at (03) 8771 4025 for more information on arranging an appointment.

Here are the areas and suburbs that we currently serve:


Frequently Asked Questions

A landscape designer’s job is to create the perfect design for your garden and this task requires knowledge, imagination, creativity. They’ll use their skills in artistic landscaping from environmental considerations to architectural engineering horticulture so that you’re left with a space tailored just for you- it can be challenging but worthwhile!

A landscape designer’s job is to transform a piece of land into a work of art: their creativity and skill are essential for crafting the perfect garden. They carefully consider where plants should go, how much space they need, what types will thrive in any given climate or season, and more! 

A good gardener can bring something fresh to each project by combining different styles with careful planning; over time this design becomes an evolving ecosystem that requires continued inputs from both nature-lovers.

A landscaper has many responsibilities on his plate when designing your dream garden – but don’t worry about them taking up all his spare time because he’ll be sure it looks great all year round no matter what changes come along due to seasons or weather patterns!

Hiring a licensed and insured landscape contractor helps to protect you from all the nasty risks of hiring an unlicensed contractor. You can be held liable for on-the-job injuries, taxes or insurance violations.

You could even end up being responsible if they commit illegal acts that get them caught by law enforcement! So make sure before you hire someone, ask about their references as well as any certification papers verifying previous work history with other customers.

If you want a healthy, beautiful lawn to show off for your friends and neighbours then look no further than our expert landscaping team. With over 10 years of experience, we can handle anything from fertilizing the grass so that it stays green all year long with just the right amount of water every day up until trimming bushes or trees in order to give them their best shape possible!

What if you could have a green and beautiful lawn without the hassle of having to worry about maintaining it? That’s where we come in. Landscaping Point Cook is here for all your gardening needs!

We will assess what type of professional service would work best for you based on size, density, planting beds, and pruning requirements. Contact us today to get started with our customized proposal that meets your specific landscaping criteria at affordable prices!

To get started, we’ll schedule a time to meet and discuss your project. During our consultation, we will go over what you want from landscaping – both the good parts and the bad ones!

If plans are needed for any design work then it won’t take long before they’re produced. Typically within two weeks of meeting with us initially, you can expect a proposal that includes ideas about designs so that we can figure out something great together!

Hardscaping is an integral part of home improvement and involves creating hard structures on your property such as patios, walkways or driveways. When designing a garden, softscape design must be considered. This includes the more transient elements of plants and flowers.

The outdoor landscape structure trend is on the rise, with more people wanting to spend time outside surrounded by friends and family. Our team at Landscaping Point Cook has been designing these structures for years so we’ll be sure that you end up happy with your new hardscape!