How to Choose the Right Stain Colour For Your Deck

Outdoor spaces have plenty of options when it comes to what features that can be applied. In terms of structures that can be both functional and stylish, one of the best options that you can go for is decks. Decks can provide extra space for your home for different functions and also offer a variety of choices for styles and designs.

As this structure is generally made of wood, the best thing to have done once installed is to have the structure stained. Having your deck stain can not only protect your deck factors that can put a toll on it like heavy rain and foot traffic but it can also bring a whole new look to the decking if you wish. With different stains come different aesthetics and choosing the best fitting one for your deck can garner different benefits. Especially when you have the right points in mind when choosing them.

What to Consider with Choosing a Deck Stain Colour

Ultimately, your choice of deck stain can fall on your ideal style vision. However, if you want to ensure the best fitting stain for your deck, you will want to consider the following points before making a final decision:

Wood Type and Coloring

There are different types of wood that you can select from for your deck and each type is suited for different stains. When a stain is applied, it can affect the appearance of the wood’s undertone as well as enhance the grain. For example, if you have hardwoods such as mahogany or ipe as your choice of deck material, a transparent type of stain can help bring out its appearance.

If you find yourself unsatisfied with an installed wood’s appearance, a solid stain can help but overall, determining both the deck’s type and colour can help break down what stain can be applied.

Test it Out

While knowing the wood and deck colouring can certainly help in determining what kind of stain can be applied, the best way to ascertain it can fit your style vision is to test it against your deck. A good way to do this is to apply a swatch sample onto a sample/ extra piece of your deck material or an inconspicuous corner of your deck. After observing it or if you find an issue in the finished look of the stain, you have the option to try another stain or remove it with a deck stripper.

Check Deck Condition and Landscape State

Aside from confirming the type of deck that is being worked with and testing what stain would fit for you, checking on the age of the deck can also help determine what stain can be applied as well. If your deck is newer then you can opt for a lighter and more transparent stain. Older decks on the other hand would benefit better with darker and opaque stains. If this is not enough, you can also consider the general aesthetic of the landscape to help choose a stain that won’t clash with your outdoor space.

Opacity for Consideration

While there are different factors that can help determine what colour of stain can work for your deck and whether your choice of stain is applicable, there are also other features to consider with stains as well. The most prominent feature you will want to check when selecting a stain is the opacity. Opacity is the degree to which you can see the natural grain of the wood. The different options that fall under this are as follows:

Clear Stain

Translucent Stain

Semi-Transparent Stain

Semi-Solid Stain

Solid Stain


Staining your deck is the best option in not only protecting your deck from different elements but also provide an enhanced visual appeal. With the different options available for stains, there are different factors that can help determine what colour can help deliver this. While understanding your deck type and testing stains can certainly help, it also helps to consider other features like the opacity to find a good fit.

If you find yourself unsure about your stain choice, having Point Cook Landscaping as a professional service group to refer to can help. Point Cook Landscaping provides a number of different quality options to meet any landscaping needs and with reliable professionals, you can be assured of quality results for your deck with the best fitting stain.

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