Tiles VS Pavers for Your Landscape

Designing your outdoor space can come with different options and features to choose from. Whether you are looking to enhance your landscape or add a structure for convenience, there are all kinds of materials you can select from to benefit your outdoor space.

Among the different materials that you can choose from, the most versatile options that you can select from are pavers or outdoor tiles. Both materials offer a vast array of style options for your landscape. If you are wondering how to choose which is better for your project, there are different features to consider with both material types.

What Can Outdoor Tiles and Pavers Provide You

If you are looking for materials that can provide you with versatile options for a landscape project, the best options are either tiles or pavers. When it comes to choosing between the two, each one has different features to offer for consideration:

Outdoor Tiles Pros and Cons

A big advantage of tiles is that there are different style types that you can choose from. Whether you want to go with a classic porcelain look or want to stand out with a mosaic design, tiles can provide a lot in terms of creativity.

Aside from this, tiles, in general, are durable materials that can provide a smooth transition from your indoor space to the outdoors with a solid walking surface. As a material that is resistant to different elements including moisture due to its non-porous nature, outdoor tiles make for a visually appealing option that is low maintenance.

The problem with outdoor tiles, however, is that there are certain tile types that can be rather costly. What’s more, without the proper glazing or finishes, you may end up with more costs for any damage repairs like chips or cracks. One good way to help prevent this is to ensure proper ground preparation. Though this may also be considered a downside given the amount of time that comes with it. Outside of this, there is also the pitfall of tiles being difficult to move once applied.

Paver Pros and Cons

While pavers can also offer a variety of options in style and design, they can mainly depend on the type of paver material being used. When compared to tiles, pavers generally provide more budget-friendly options and are easier to install. This is because, when it comes to installing pavers, it usually involves the material being laid directly on the ground without a cement base.

While there is some surface preparation involved, there are generally lesser materials involved in the application and its protection. An added benefit with pavers is that, due to their design, they can be easy to move if needed and easy to replace as well when damaged.

Unfortunately, unlike tiles, pavers do not last as long and without proper resealing, they can end up shifting or damaged over time. If you were to decide on a more natural type of paving material, you may end up with a high maintenance material on your landscape.

Is One Better Than the Other?

Both materials can offer different advantages and disadvantages but it does not mean one is better than the other. Ultimately, it will fall on the different conditions that your area goes through to determine what kind of paver or tile would work best for your outdoor space. Depending on the type of outdoor project you are aiming for, you may also have the option to apply both materials. Either way, choosing one over the other or both can still provide a beneficial result for your outdoor space.

How Point Cook Landscaping Can Help You

If you find yourself indecisive between tiles or pavers even when knowing what they can provide for your landscape, you will want to refer to Point Cook Landscaping. With Point Cook Landscaping, you can be assured a team of professionals that can help determine the material, style, and functionality suited to bring out high-quality results that meet each and every specification and preference for any project needs. Whether you wish to find the most fitting material or wish to apply both, having a team like Point Cook Landscaping is a quality option for you.


A variety of options are available when it comes to picking a material for an outdoor project. For something that is versatile and offers a range of options, you will want to pick either pavers or outdoor tiles. Both materials offer their own ups and downs in terms of creativity and durability.

If you are looking for something that can provide different styles and designs to play with, tiles can do this for you. Pavers on the other provide a durable material that can be applied with ease and blends well with your landscape. Either option can provide highly beneficial depending on the conditions your landscape goes through.

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